Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meeting Overview, 1/27/11

Hey all!

Our first meeting of the Spring semester was pretty low key. We talked a little bit about what we got up to over break and then got right into the administrative stuff we all know and love.

First up, we went over the surveys from last semester. Looks like you all want:

MORE: movies, demos, learning opportunities, field trips, guest speakers, and group projects

LESS: workdays

So we'll work on incorporating these things into upcoming ASC meetings.

The rest of the day was just a sketch/work day.

We have a LOT of stuff planned this semester including movie nights, demos, workshops, visiting artists, events and more! We're super excited to get the ball rolling.

Next week will be a Workshop about Networking and Connections with Rico, and we'll be handing out the February schedules. See you there!

Link of the Week!

Hey Guys!
Welcome back to a new semester! We're continuing on with our links of the week for everyone to get some inspiration. So I'm giving the link for CGArena. It's basically like CGSociety. However, if anyone looks at CGSociety alot then they know that you will see alot of the same images everywhere and, as awesome as it is, there's only so much stuff on there. So CGArena is somewhere else to go when things run dry. ALSO, CGArena has a digital magazine that they release every month or 2 which is awesome.