Friday, November 30, 2012

Meeting Recap, 11/30/12

Hey Guys!

 We had our amazing 'Legally Obtained File Sharing Homework Party Podcast Listening Extravaganza'  where we watched Paranorman, swapped helpful files (brushes, textures, images, etc.) from each other,  and worked on homework.


1.  The Bake Sale will be going on Monday through Friday of next week. Tyler sent out emails and messages to everyone who signed up for making food and helping at the table. Any other baked goods brought in would be much appreciated though even if you didn't sign up! Also, dropping by and buying some goodies would help too!

2.  Secret Santa drawings are due this coming Friday. Both groups can't wait to share all the art we've made for each other!  Make sure you have it done so your member get's a drawing!

3.  This Monday the Animation Representatives will be meeting from 11am-12pm for a discussion with Student Government about what improvements could be made to the department.  It'll be on the 1st floor of Kinney Hall in room 224. Feel free to stop in and speak about what improvements could be made to the animation department. The more the merrier!

If anyone still wants to look through hardrives and pick out certain files they want, feel free to contact a leader to get a hold of it.

Other than that, see you next week!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Secret Santa Rules!

Hey guys! You should all have your Secret Santa Assignments by now! Here are some rules to keep in mind!!

Secret Santa Rules

- Sign Ups are November 9th through November 16th depending on number of sign ups.

- The deadline is our last meeting of the year! NO EXCEPTIONS! This will be a joint meeting with both Collectives, so come prepared to give your gift this day!

- The ISC and the ASC will be exchanging names. This means that if you are a member of the ISC, you will receive the name and favorite character of a member of the ASC and vice versa. If you are a member of both Collectives, pick one! No hard feelings! NOTE: We didn't have an even number of names, so you may have received a member of your own group!

- Feel free to interpret their character however you'd like! There are no size or medium requirements. If you don't know the character, you may have to do a little research. If you get a character that you HATE, please try to depict them in a positive light! That is someone else's favorite character, so be nice. :)

- You may bring in either originals or digital copies/photographs of the work, as long as you have a physical version to give. For originals, just be aware that it's a gift and you probably aren't going to get it back. ;)

- IF YOU SIGN UP, PLEASE KNOW THAT WE EXPECT YOU TO TURN SOMETHING IN. Last year we had a lot of people made something but did not get something in return, which was kind of a bummer! Let's not have that happen again! We know that finals time is really busy, so please only sign up if you truly expect you will have time to create a piece.

- Just remember that everyone is at different skill levels! It's the thought that counts, and we're not making these to be graded or critiqued. :)

- Please put a to:/from: label on the work somehow, as it gets quite chaotic when trying to find the correct owners for things!

That's about it! Please let us know if you have any questions. Have fun!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Link of the Week!



For those of you who don't know about Rad's ever popular How to blog... well... well, you 
should! Full of unlimited knowledge gathered over his ever youthful years, this is a blog 
created by Dreamworks story artist Rad Sechrist. This website covers everything from 
the basics in shape design to the complexities of the human forearm. He takes the 
time to break down the straights and curves in How to Train Your Dragon 
to the beauty that is Roger's schnoz. Let's not mention how well he 
breaks down most artist's worst fear... perspective.

Go ahead and dive into this bountiful treasure of knowledge 
that is nearly 200 posts of enlightenment!
Have a good one you guys

Meeting Recap, 11/16/12

Hey guys!


1. SECRET SANTA: We are waiting to get the final list from the ISC -- we hope to get this list by Monday night. We will send out Secret Santa assignments through Facebook hopefully on Tuesday, so you can all start your Secret Santa assignments over break if you'd like!

2. Another reminder that our Bake Sale is going to be from December 3rd to December 7th. Let us know if you would like to either work the table, or bake something! When we return from break we will have more information about who will be working when and we'll be hanging up posters. :)

3. A new section was added for Computer Animation 1! So make sure to sign up for that if you would still like to take it next semester.

Our fantastic leader Bethany then gave a really cool Drawing Tutorial. We talked a lot about drawing bodies, specifically tricky elements such as skulls, necks, eyes, and the differences between body types for women and men.

Bethany's blog is HERE! Feel free to contact her through her blog or on the Facebook page with any drawing questions! She'd love to help.

Notes were taken by some of our super awesome members this week: Mercedes Schott, Kate Joh, Hillary Hastings and Andrea Rawson. If you'd like a copy, please let one of them know!

Other than that, please have a GREAT Thanksgiving Break! Eat lots of food, take a break from school and have fun! We'll see you all on the 30th!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meeting Recap, 11/9/12

Hello all!


1. Just a reminder that our Bake Sale is going to be from December 3rd to December 7th! We had a sign up sheet at the meeting for both working the table and for baking items, so let a leader know if you'd like to be added to the list!

2. We also signed up for this year's Secret Santa! We'll have the sign up sheet at next week's meeting as well, in case you missed it. :)

3. There are waiting lists for Computer Animation 1, Cafe Sketch and Animation 2 for the Spring 2013 semester. Make sure to sign these lists if you would like to potentially be added to the class! They are in Charlotte's office.

We hope you enjoyed Animation Pictionary! We all had a ton of fun. Here are some of the gems from last night:

See you next week!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Link Of The Week!

Hi Everyone, Bethany here with your link of the week. This time around, I'd like to share with you a Podcast from "The Animation Podcast".

In this particular Podcast, we get to listen to legendary animator Glen Keane speak about his life and his career as an animator. I hope this Podcast will offer you inspiration and insight, like it has done for me.

(In case you couldn't tell, this is a picture of the devilishly handsome Glen Keane)

Here is PART ONE

Here is PART TWO

Enjoy the Podcast, and long live the Collective!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Meeting Recap, 11/02/12

Hey guys!

Thanks to those who came by on Saturday night to go see Wreck-It Ralph with us! We hope you enjoyed it as much as the leaders did (and boy did we LOVE IT)!!

A few announcements:
1. Because of conflicts with other events on campus, our annual Bake Sale is going to be in December this year! We plan to have lots of goodies including Christmas cookies, hot chocolate and even Egg Nog. It’s going to be from December 3rd to December 7th so mark your calendars!! We'll need lots of people to bake stuff for it, and if you can't bake (or don't have an oven TO bake things) consider volunteering to work the table. :)

2. As most of us know by now, Bekah will be graduating in December. Her job is pretty critical to the way the ASC functions, so we’re looking for applicants who are interested in filling her position! If you didn’t get a handout on Friday and you’re interested in the position, please tell Bekah ASAP. Bekah will be performing (very casual, don’t panic) interviews THIS FRIDAY (the 9th) so come prepared!
3. Our November schedule is now posted on the sidebar!

4. Just like last year, we’re going to do a Secret Santa exchange again this year! However, this time, we’re going to swap names with our sister group, the Illustration Student Collective! So cool!! We will be collecting names for the exchange THIS FRIDAY (the 9th) so be there if you want to participate!

Then our awesome President Rico Jackson proceeded to talk about drawing theory and digital painting techniques!

Here’s the piece he produced during our meeting, showcasing a bunch of very helpful tips and tricks:

If you’d like a full copy of the notes from the meeting, please let Bekah know!

See you next week for Pictionary!