Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Link of the Week!

In honor of the latest Boxtrolls trailer which showed off a behind the scenes look into Laika's process of making their movies I decided it would be great to give you all some resources to make stop motion animation!

As you all know the Stop Motion lab is now open for business and looking great! Our main stop motion software on campus is Dragonframe, which is a program that has been used by many feature film companies. Tutorials on the program can be found on the website as well, which are very helpful!

There are many ways to get an armature as well, the first being simply purchasing one from somewhere on the internet! Some great armature purchase sites I've seen are Kinetic Armatures and StopMotionStore (which lists a ton of armature sites and offers other supplies to purchase as well).

Then last but not least there are tons of amazing channels and blogs to follow that showcase behind the scenes looks into making a stop motion animation! Above is just one of the many videos that can be found on the Making Stop Motion Vimeo channel; which has some amazing behind the scenes videos that range from Laika production to test animations by students like us!

Hope you all enjoy this glimpse into the world of stop motion animation!

- Mercedes