Monday, January 28, 2013

Meeting Recap, 1/25/13

Hey guys!


1. Just a reminder that John B. Carls, producer of films such as Rango and Open Season, will be visiting on Wednesday in the Canzani Center Auditorium!

We hope you all enjoyed the wonderful tutorial Tara Nester gave on pixel art! If you'd like to recieve an email featuring the tutorial links that were shown then feel free to message a group leader or Tara! Also, feel free to message a leader for notes over the tutorial shown during the meeting if you would like them.

See you all next week!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meeting Recap, 1/18/13

Hey guys!


1. AOI and SOI entries will be collected in Circle Hall starting January 21-28th.  All submissions need to be on CD, and separated into separate folders with your name. More information is on the poster below, and entry collecting times are there as well.

2.  Next week we will be having a pixel tutorial done by one of our amazing group members, Tara! Also, Tom will be stopping by to make an announcement.

Everyone watched shorts and discussed what worked well with them as well as what did not. The shorts were Thought of You, Pythagasaurus, Ruin, Rock in the Road, Tais-toi Mon Coeur, Her Morning Elegance, Arctic Circle, and Out of Sight

For anyone that wants the discussion points and or any other notes, just contact Mercedes.

See you all next meeting!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Links of the Week!

Hey all, we're back again for another semester, and we'll start it off with another link of the week!

I'm a little surprised/ashamed we haven't posted this one yet, as it is an indispensable source of news and events in the animation world:

We've also got some demo reel playlists on youtube, for you to peruse at your leisure, featuring both 2D and 3D work:

'till next time, folks!