Sunday, September 18, 2011

Link of the Week

So every week were going to be posting a new awesome link to a website that we find helpful, a portfolio we think is awesome, etc. So for this week I'm actually giving 2 links.
The first one is one that I'm sure everyone will here bout all the time and will be told about in animation classes. But for those who have never heard of it, CGsociety is a fabulous website. It includes not only 3d/cg work but also 2d work and concept art. Antone can go in and make an account and put their portfolio up and you will find the best of the best on this site. There's forums, job postings, etc. There's also competitions you can enter. A lot of work that you might see in 3Dworld or 3D artist comes from this site. Although a word of caution, since so many companies go to this site to look at portfolios, etc, be careful what you post. If your going to portfolio up make certain that its something that you want out there and you want associated with your name to possible future employers, don't just throw anything up there :)

The 2nd link I want to give out is not as big but its a blog of Glen Keane's art. It's not actually Glenn Keane's blog but someone else posts work up some of his work from each movie he works on. For those who dont know who Glen Keane is he's an American animator, author, illustrator and director. Keane is best known for his character animation at Walt Disney Studios for feature films including The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and Tangled. Keane received the 1992 Annie Award for character animation and the 2007 Winsor McCay Award for lifetime contribution to the field of animation.

-Michelle Mulier-


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