Sunday, October 9, 2011

Link of The Week :D

Hi everyone. This week I have 4 things to show you that have been a big influence on me personally. On Friday's meeting we touched on Pascal Campion very briefly, but I would like to give you all a link to his blog so you can learn from him. His color schemes are to die for, and literally ALL of his work is brilliant. You can't say that about many people. I've learned a lot from this man, and continue to learn from him daily. I also have a short video for you to all watch about Pascal that, admittedly, made me tear up because I could relate to it so much haha.

Here's Pascal's Blog.

And here is the video of Pascal.

The next link I'd like to give you is a simple online resource I use when I need it. It's where I go to get my textures for my art. There's a lot of good and diverse stuff on this site so enjoy!

And third, I think we also touched on this online resource but I'm not sure so I'll post this anyway. We use this tool in Animation 2. It's a challenge at first but trust me everyone, no matter how frustrating, this tool is almost vital to becoming a good animator. Being able to capture a figure quickly and accurately while also getting emotion across as well as a message is so important. 

I can't stress this enough: You cannot be an animator unless you can draw, period. 

I urge you to use this resource as it has helped me quite a lot already.

Enjoy the links everyone! And we'll see you all on Friday!

-Bethany Craig

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