Friday, October 21, 2011

Meeting Overview, 10/21/11

Hello again, all! Here's the overview for the last meeting, in case you missed it:

- We started with our usual brand of administrative nonsense, reminding everyone about our snack fund. We brought up the possibility of doing a bake sale, so keep that in the back of your minds!

- We also want to remind everyone of our leaders' limited time at the school, and that we'll be looking for replacements soon, so if you're interested in stepping forward to take over, be sure to see Rico or any of the other leaders. We'll be hosting "interviews" (probably relatively informal interviews) with people interested in a leadership role.

- Rico also wanted to share with you all some images that he found and compiled as a useful tool for studying facial expressions. You might find them useful too, and you can FIND THOSE HERE.

- From there, we moved on into the Cintiq Lab for a Zbrush Tutorial, hosted by DeJuan McCoy and Charlotte Belland, Chair of Animation.

-We had hoped to record this tutorial, but there were some last minute complications. However, DeJuan prepared notes for those who missed the tutorial, and the notes can be found HERE. A list of hot key's were provided as well, and we still have physical copies in case you're interested, so just ask at the next meeting.

-Last but not least, we're still compiling a list of everyone's blogs/sites to add to this site, so if you're interested in growing your audience, feel free to email us the URL

Next week's meeting is "officially" canceled so as not to interrupt your BigBoo/Halloween party planning, but a few of the leaders plan to be in the lab working that night, and anyone who wants is welcome to join us.

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