Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meeting Recap, 03/09/12

Hey guys!

We hope everyone found our meeting on Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews extremely helpful. I know it got a little long winded there. ;)

Here are the two handouts we passed out during the meeting:

Career Services Packet
Page 1: A list of upcoming Career Services events! Very helpful.
Page 2: Resume example
Page 3: Words to use when writing a resume
Page 4: Cover letter example
Pages 5-8: Helpful books that Career Services offers!

ASC Packet
Page 1: Intro
Pages 2-9: Helpful Hints and Tips
Page 10: Charlotte's notes on writing resumes
Page 11: A helpful resume flowchart by Charlotte
Page 12: Resume example

And a few general notes:

- Remember, everything is subjective.  What works for one job may not work for another. There are no "right" answers. Cater your resume and cover letter for a specific job and go with your gut! Get lots of opinions from peers and faculty.

- Keep in mind the difference between a resume and a CV. A CV is a comprehensive list of all of your achievements in reverse chronological order, while a resume is the best of the best. Some studios prefer one over the other.

- Get lots of eyes to look at your resume. Read it out loud. This will help catch typos!

- Be knowledgeable about the job you're applying for! It takes several minutes to look up a website and skim over the contents, and it could really pay off during an interview.

Thanks everyone! Enjoy your Spring Break! We won't be meeting on the 16th or 23rd, but come ready to learn on the 30th. Andy will be giving a demo on puppets in Harmony!

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