Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meeting Recap, 9/14/12

Hello all!

Welcome back to another fabulous year with the CCAD Animation Student Collective! We were so excited to see everyone! We had an excellent turnout, and we're looking forward to a fantastic year.

Here's what you missed if you couldn't make it:

Leader Introductions!
We know we have a lot of new members, so we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves. Please come to us if you ever have questions, concerns, comments, or just want to say hi! We want to make the Animation Collective the best it can possibly be, and that involves as much feedback as we can get!

Left to Right:
Bethany Craig, Art Director
Tyler Crowley, Communications
Bekah Nunn, Secretary
Rico Jackson, President
Jacob Augenstein, Treasurer

If you see us around, come say hi!!

We also talked about some of the exciting things we have planned for this year, including some AWESOME guest speakers, faculty tutorials, The Bake Sale, Jeopardy!, and a Pokemon Scavenger hunt! We're going to be so jam-packed with events, you won't know what to do!

Be sure to join our Facebook Group if you haven't done so yet!! We also filled out a Member Questionnaire to better plan events for this year. If you didn't get one, and would still like to fill one out, please let Bekah know!

Here's the schedule of events for the month of September:

September 21st -Welcome to the Labs! An in-depth tour of the animation labs and department to learn about all the resources we have to offer.
September 28th - Welcome to the Industry! This meeting will tell you all about the various jobs of the creative pipeline!

As you can see, next week is our annual WELCOME TO THE LABS event! If you're new to the animation department, this is an incredible resource. We'll be showing you everything from exclusive websites, to things like the sound booth, to how to use the Cintiqs. Make sure to be there!

And finally, we trooped over to the third floor of Crane to meet up with our BRAND NEW sister group: The Illustration Student Collective! To quote Rico: "Tonight is one of the most unprecedented nights in the Columbus College of Art & Design's history. Tonight we saw WELL over 100 students passionate about their craft, community, and future gather for what will be one of the greatest camaraderie experiences the school has ever had. We saw The CCAD Animation Student Collective and The CCAD Illustration Student Collective join forces to produce the most spirited crowd I've ever seen. It was breath taking! I'm so excited and proud of each and every person who made it out, and the leader's who have helped make this all possible."

We were so very impressed to see all of you there, and we're SUPER STOKED for the rest of this year. :')

See you next week!

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