Monday, October 22, 2012

Meeting Recap, 10/19/12

Hello all! 

A few announcements:

1. Cafe Sketch is an incredibly popular Animation class at CCAD. It's so popular that it's already filled up! If enough people still would like to register for Cafe Sketch, the faculty may add another section for Spring 2013. The sign-up sheet is in the Media Studies office, on Charlotte's desk. They need at least 10-15 people to think about adding another section, so be sure to sign up if you're interested!

2. On Friday, November 7th, from 6-7PM at ACCAD (Bale Theatre), an OSU alumni will be giving an informational talk about Pixar Internships! This could be a really cool networking opportunity. Be sure to check it out if you can!

3. The CCAD Internship Fair is fast approaching! It happens on November 9th and the deadline for Juniors and Seniors to register is October 26th! This is a fantastic opportunity to make connections and find internships so DO IT. :)

We hope you enjoyed the fantastic presentation by Kevin Harkness on Friday. Kevin is currently a Senior TD at Fivestone Studios. He's had a ton of industry experience and we're glad he was able to share some of his infinite wisdom! :) Keep in mind that this is all one person's experience: there's no definitive right or wrong answer in the industry, so get out there and create your own experiences!

His presentation was incredibly informative, especially for those of us looking to do freelance work, or work for smaller studios. We talked about the industry workload; how much you should expect to be paid; specialists vs generalists; the importance of deadlines, online presence, and internships; demo reel dos and don'ts; and contracts! If you'd like a copy of the Powerpoint, PLEASE contact a leader! It was jam packed with critical information, so be sure to grab a copy!

If you'd like to follow up with Kevin, or ask him any questions, feel free to contact him through Facebook!

See you next week for our HALLOWEEN PARTY! Come in costume! There will be themed movies and snacks, and be sure to bring your sketchbooks!!

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