Sunday, October 6, 2013

Meeting Recap, 10/4

Hey everyone!


1) Next weeks meeting is another workshop meeting! Feel free to bring work to critique!

This week Mark Fitzpatrick taught everyone 3DS Max! The meeting started with an overview of various 3D softwares and their uses for specific companies. 
(Which are listed below. Notes for all of these can be given to you from a leader if requested.)

Then we dove right into 3DS Max where Mark showed off just what the program could do. A fender for a car, teapots, and other abstract objects were made during the tutorial. We even learned how to work with particles and make them work properly, such as clinging to an object instead of bouncing everywhere.

 If you would like notes on the meeting just ask one of the leaders and we'll get them for you!

See you all next week!

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