Sunday, November 10, 2013

Meeting Recap, 11/8

Hey everyone!


1) On November 29th the very talented Rafael Rosado will be here to tell us about his experiences in the industry as well as show us his method of storyboarding! He has storyboarded for numerous television shows and worked with other media! So make sure to mark your calendars for this meeting!

2) This Fridays meeting features Character Animation in 3D with 2D animation principles! Definitely a meeting you all will not want to miss!

3) Our annual Secret Santa is coming up soon and we want to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to make a drawing for another member! Next weeks meeting there will be a sign up sheet to enter! Just make sure that if you're signing however that you will for sure be able to participate, we don't want anyone to be upset when they don't get a drawing of their favorite character!

This week in the collective we had a Character Building Workshop with the ISC! We whipped out some great gesture drawings and created some neat characters as well! The poses all of our members presented were amazing as well and greatly appreciated! We definitely hope to have another fun workshop with characters in the future!

See you all at next weeks meeting!

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