Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Link of the Week!

This weeks link features a look into the crew behind Steven Universe!  This tumblr showcases all of the work going on for the show, which includes storyboards, model sheets, music, tasty treats, and the names of artists alongside their work!

I'd definitely urge you all into looking at the many artists working on the show currently! They all have some great work to look at and learn from.

Here are some of them:

Kevin Dart - Art Direction
Steven Sugar - Background Artist
Amanda Winterstein - Painting
Aleth Romanillos - Storyboard Artist & Revisionist
Lamar Abrams - Storyboard Artist
Paul Villeco - Storyboard Artist
Kat Morris - Storyboard Supervisor
Raven M. Molisee - Storyboard Artist
Jeff Liu - Storyboard Artist
and there are so many more you can find on the page!

- Mercedes

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