Sunday, February 26, 2012

Link of the Week!

Hey guys! I got you something, it's really awesome, really special, and just for you, it's the LINK OF THE WEEK!!!

The Link of the Week this week is a link to the blog of Andreas Deja!

Now, you may be asking yourself...
"But Rico, who is he, and whats makes him so special?"

WELL! I'M HAPPY YOU ASKED! He studied under the 9 Old Men around the same time as other animation top dogs Tim Burton & John Lasseter! In short, he's one of the legends! He's animated some of the most famous villains such as Jafar, Gaston, AND Scar!  He packs his blog full of original Disney art, concepts and character sketches, from Madam Medusa to Mamma Odie! So be sure to check it out!!!

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