Saturday, February 18, 2012

Links of the Week!

Hey all, it's Tyler's turn for links this week!

First one is probably familiar (I think we've talked about it on Facebook before), but I wanted to make sure we made mention of it on our "official blog" as well, and that's the  Animator Letters Project. It makes for some extremely uplifting reading for those times when you feel like your not making as much progress with your work as you'd like, or that you'll never compare to how you feel you should.

An artist I'd like to draw attention to this week is Jeff Agala, a creative director at the independent game studio Klei Entertainment.

Jeff's work ranges from the very cartoony to very graphic and comic-booky, and is always eye-catching and dynamic. Jeff is probably most familiar for his work on Atomic Betty, and lately the Shank series of games.

you can see all his work at his blog!:

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