Sunday, September 23, 2012

Link of the Week

Hello followers, Bethany here with your link of the week. Today I have a website to you show you that is a great resource. The site is called Animation Progression Reels. Not only will the site show you shorts, and most of the process work behind them, it will show you what you should all be aspiring to be by the time you graduate.

While looking at the site you may want to pay attention to:

> The quality of the work
> The amount of work
> All the different types of work
> The process / The order in which the work is done
> The team work that goes into making something like this (Even if it's just a 3 or 5 minute short)

For those of you who choose to make a senior thesis that is an animated short, this website will be a good way to understand the task you will be undertaking. And if you're a freshman, this is still a great learning opportunity for you guys too. The more you know, the sooner you know, the better. I hope all of you learn as much as you can from this site :) and I hope you enjoy this link.

Until next time!

-Bethany Craig

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