Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meeting Recap, 10/12/12

Hello again!

General reminders:

1. We're still working on a day that we can all go to the zoo! It will probably be either November 2nd or November 16th -- Keep an eye on the Facebook page!

2. DragonFrame is now available on the two computers in the back of 308!

3. On Friday, November 7th, from 6-7PM at ACCAD (Bale Theatre), an OSU alumni will be giving an informational talk about Pixar Internships! This could be a really cool networking opportunity. Be sure to check it out if you can!

4. The CCAD Internship Fair is fast approaching! It happens on November 9th and the deadline for Juniors and Seniors to register is October 26th! This is a fantastic opportunity to make connections and find internships so DO IT. :)

We also had a super cool visit from Margaret Hardy! She currently works at BLT Communications, which is part of the Key Art Industry. Key Art is the art of movie marketing campaigns, including movie posters, trailers, television spots and advertising. It's essentially branding the whole package of a film, show or project. Everyone should definitely check it out, and thank Margaret for stopping by and talking to us!

And finally, our feature presentation:

We have to say -- that was a really fun and intense game of Jeopardy! We played two rounds, with AWESOME representation from our three teams: Team Howl, Team Swagsquatch, and Team Boomshakazebra.

In the end, Team Howl pulled ahead and defeated the other two teams! Congratulations! Prizes will be coming soon. :)

Here were our categories for those who couldn't attend:

We'll see you at next week's meeting! Kevin Harkness will be giving a talk on resumes, demo reels and how to get a job in the industry!

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