Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meeting Recap, 10/05/12

Wow! Thank you guys for coming to our meeting this week. We think it was one of our best ones yet!! As I'm sure you know, we had a Skype call with Chris Oatley!

We had a really great turnout and even had a surprise appearance by Lora Innes who was in town for the Mix 2012 Comics Symposium. It was like a Paper Wings reunion right here at CCAD. :D

Chris talked about his journey from CCAD to where he is now with Disney Toon Studios and Oatley Academy. He gave advice on everything from how to maximize your education, portfolio tips, networking and many books/article/podcast recommendations!

We didn't have a ton of people ask questions (thank you Ben, Brandon and Don!) so if you'd like to follow up with Chris and ask some questions you didn't quite get up the nerve to ask on Friday, be sure to email him!! He definitely wants to hear from us, so utilize this opportunity! As Chris mentioned in his talk, we all need to own our own education and take control of all opportunities that we can!

If you weren't able to attend on Friday (we know there were quite a few conflicting events happening) and would like a full copy of our notes, please come to our meeting on Friday, October 12th. Contact a leader and we'll get you a copy ASAP. :)

See you on Friday for Animation Jeopardy! Come prepared and brush up on all your animation facts and trivia. ;)

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