Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Link of the Week!

This week I wanted to share a site that honestly is a great resource for people interested in idea-sparking as well as those with a competitive nature: a site called No Entry Fee Fests!

The website was created and is maintained by Animation faculty member Tracy Robbins. I am in Experimental Animation class this semester - for our final project, we are required to try and enter one of the festivals. I chose this link this week because honestly - the entire time we were going over a handful of these current competitions, all I could think was: "These contests are totally do-able if not win-able" for lots of us here in the ASC. I also couldn't stop thinking: "Why haven't we?" and then, finally: "Maybe we don't know about it".

Two of what I thought looked like worthwhile contests are the LoopdeLoop ( and the Animation Sequence Project ( (check it out, here's a screenshot of directions):

Also, here's a fun animation I was reminded of the other day... it's pretty abstract, and a fun way to think of animating to music:

And.... here's a video of a CG, not-dead Audrey Hepburn.This is the future? Or is this the past? Or is this just a fancy chocolate commercial?

Have a great week everybody!

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