Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meeting Recap, 4/5

Hey all!


1) This Friday is Jeopardy hosted by our very own Tyler Crowley! So expect many surprises, musical numbers, interactive questions, and merriment! We're all definitely stoked about the meeting.

 2) As you all know the final week of this semester is coming up fast which means the end of the year show is as well! If you have some work you want in it now is the time to start thinking about what pieces you'd like to submit or touch up! We hope to see a lot of pieces from you all.

 This week we had a networking tutorial lead by our wonderful president and founder of the ASC, Rico Jackson!

We learned about various sites one can use to network, some of the ways to approach making connections throughout the business, and how to make your site and resume alluring for others so they come back to see your work! Afterwards there was a short party in celebration of Rico for finishing his last networking meeting, founding the ASC, and inspiring so many of us!

If you would like the notes from this meeting feel free to contact a leader and we'll get them to you!

See you next week for Jeopardy!

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